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Doc-O-Matic 10
Creating Documentation

In Doc-O-Matic you can easily describe your source code and write user manuals. Doc-O-Matic includes a fully functional Editor and a Contents Designer. In addition, Doc-O-Matic provides several features that automate and speed up your documentation process such as QuickDoc and AutoDoc.

Comment Location

In Doc-O-Matic you can describe your code in-source or off-source in .DTX files. DTX files are simple UTF-8 text files. If you describe your code in-source your comments are always associated with the next symbol (object) even if the name of the symbol is changed. Documentation stored in your source file is always up to date. 

When describing your code in DTX files, you need to update them, if you change symbol names. Otherwise, Doc-O-Matic can not associate comments with the respective symbol. These topics are not lost but they appear on bottom of the hierarchy as generic topics. The Editor command Assign to Symbol helps you finding the corresponding symbols for comments in DTX files. 

The advantage of describing code off-source is that your source is not cluttered with comments. 

This part contains the following sections:

On the [General Settings] > Documentation > Topic Processing > Multi Topics Settings page, you can determine how you want to handle descriptions in different locations. Using the Move Documentation tool you can copy or move all in-source comments to DTX files. For details, see Move Documentation.

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