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Doc-O-Matic 10
Getting Started

Doc-O-Matic is a combined source code documentation and authoring Help tool. Doc-O-Matic provides you with an ideal environment to mange both tasks. Doc-O-Matic parses source files, extracts comments and provides you with a flexible and user-friendly editor. By using Doc-O-Matic you can easily create several output formats. 

The first parts of this Help show how easy it is to author your source documentation and your Help system using Doc-O-Matic. This part describes how you create a new project, add source files and structure your symbols. Creating Documentation explains how you write your documentation and Help. In Building Output Formats and Customizing the Output you will learn how to create and format outputs. Interface Components offers a short description of all application parts. More Information covers FAQ, special tasks and a technical reference.

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