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Doc-O-Matic Online Help

You can access the entire Doc-O-Matic documentation online!

This help system demos a small subset of Doc-O-Matic's abilities, was written und generated using Doc-O-Matic only and comes from Doc-O-Matic with no post-processing whatsoever.

A demo for source code documentation is available here.

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In-App Feedback Form

Doc-O-Matic comes with a built-in feature for providing feedback, which enables us to help you much more quickly with questions regarding project configuration.

The In-App feedback form lets you attach the current project's configuration to the report. Confidential content such as project source code or topic files will not be attached, the feature only attaches the content of the Doc-O-Matic *.dox project file.


Of course you can also send an email to spam protected email address, click to send email directly.

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