Considerations for Bigger Projects This article outlines strategies and techniques for setup and management of bigger source code documentation projects.
Plugging into Help 2 Systems This article explains the plug-in integration process of Doc-O-Matic generated Help 2 systems such as the Microsoft Visual Studio Documentation and the Borland Help System.
Using TFHxReg for Help 2 Registration Beginning with version 6, Doc-O-Matic comes with its own tool for registering Help 2 content, named TFHxReg. It is a command line utility that takes an XML command file as input. The command file contains the instructions for registration and unregistration of namespaces, titles, filters and plugins.
Using Modules Modules allow for dividing the output into separate parts with their own symbol reference structure and class hierarchy diagram. This article provides a quick introduction into setting up modules for your project.
Branding the Output This article describes the basic steps to brand the output to make it fit into your corporate identity.
Localization This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to achieve fully localized documentation output in your language.
Master and Dependent Projects A new feature in Doc-O-Matic 6 Professional is the ability to inherit all settings from another project by defining a master project. When a master project is used, a project only saves settings that that are different to the master project's setup. This article explains how to setup a master-dependent project hierarchy successfully.
Team Development Doc-O-Matic works great in a team development environment. This article explains strategies on how to setup and use Doc-O-Matic in an mixed development environment with programmers editing source, technical writers working on off-source documentation and documentation managers responsible for project management.

Help Compilers

Some of the Help systems, such as HTML Help (CHM) you can build with Doc-O-Matic require Help compilers.

Visual Studio 2017, 2015, 2012, 2011 and 2010 SDK There's no need for a Help compiler for integrating with Visual Studio 2010 or newer, but there's still an SDK you can take a look at.
HTML Help Workshop and Compiler The HTML Help Compiler for HTML Help 1.x builds CHM files and can be downloaded as part of the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.
Visual Studio 2008 SDK Download The Help Compiler for Help 2 is part of the Visual Studio 2008 SDK.

External Resources

The following are selected links to other web sites with useful information about source code documentation and Help authoring.

Helpware Group Helpware is an excellent resource for questions around HTML Help, Help 2, Help Viewer and Windows Help as well as Help authoring in general. They have lots of in-depth knowledge about Help compilers as well as up-to-date information on newest developments in the industry.
XML Documentation Since Visual Studio 2003 you can document the code you write using XML Doc (which of course is supported by Doc-O-Matic).
How to Write Doc Comments for the Javadoc Tool Comprehensive information about Sun's JavaDoc standard (supported by Doc-O-Matic).
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