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  • The best authoring solution available
  • Write, manage and maintain documentation from small to extremely huge
  • For desktop use
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  • Source code documentation at its best
  • Supports C/C++, C#, Delphi, VB.NET, IDL, ASP.NET, Java, JavaScript, JSP, MATLAB and PHP
  • Quality assurance and documentation automation
  • Includes all authoring features of Doc-O-Matic Author
  • For desktop use
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Build ServerServer
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  • For automated build process use of Doc-O-Matic Professional
  • Includes 3 Doc-O-Matic Professional desktop licenses
  • Covers 25 contributing developers and help authors
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If you own a license of a previous version of Doc-O-Matic, you qualify for an upgrade to Doc-O-Matic 10. Enter your current license key or software unlock code and click "Continue". You will be forwarded to our Share-It MyCommerce store automatically. If you have trouble using this form or if you can't find your license details, please contact spam protected email address, click to send email.

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License Types

Doc-O-Matic is available in two different commercial licenses, the Desktop License and the Build Server License.

Desktop License

The desktop license is a straight-forward user-based license which allows one named user to install and use Doc-O-Matic.

Many customers have a need for using the software on different machines, for instance on the workstation in the office and the laptop when on the way. With a desktop license you don't have to worry!

A Doc-O-Matic desktop license is tied to a named individual in an organization or an end user. It is not an installation-based license. This means you can install your desktop license on any number of computers and use it non-concurrently.

A desktop license must not be used on an automated build computer.

Build Server License

The build server license is designed for usage of Doc-O-Matic on a computer system that runs automated processes without user interaction. It allows you to install and use Doc-O-Matic on such remote machines.

The number of build server licenses required depends on the number of individual developers and authors in the organization contributing to the system being built. For every 25 developers one build server license is required. Contributing is defined as follows:

  • Developers and authors are considered contributing to a system (in the sense above) if they produce source code or documentation that is used by Doc-O-Matic to generate documentation from.
  • Developers and authors are not considered contributing to a system (in the sense above) if they are from a different corporation or organization.

A build server license is not restricted to a specific number of build machines. As long as the license requirements with respect to contribution are met, a license can be used on any number of automated build machines including virtual machines.

A build server license cannot be used on end user machines. When using Doc-O-Matic interactively using the supplied programs, a desktop license is required. Note that the build server license standard package includes 3 desktop licenses.

The build server license is currently available for Doc-O-Matic Professional only.

What You Get

  • License Key Code: During the online order process the license server will create a key for each quantity unit in your order. Unlike testing keys, these keys do not expire. You will receive them immediately after the order completion. The keys are printed in the Share-It MyCommerce order confirmation which is emailed to you. You will also receive a separate email containing your license key.
    The license keys can be entered in the license dialog which you can access from the File menu File->License Key. Once entered all trial limitations are lifted.
    In accordance with the license agreement the key code can be used non-concurrently on different installations by the same named user.
  • Support: A commercial license includes unlimited technical support. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. In most cases the support team will respond within 24 hours on workdays, often even faster.
  • Free Updates: The commercial license includes all minor updates.
  • Upgrades at a discounted rate: Owners of commercial licenses get great discounts for upgrades to new major versions.

Purchase Orders

You can order licenses directly from us by sending a purchase order. We accept both fax and email. We will send you an invoice and direct bank transfer (ACH) and wire transfer instructions.

Please include the name and email address of the individual who will be using the licenses. Unless otherwise noted on the PO we will send the license to this email address after your purchase is complete.

Customers in the EU must provide a valid VAT ID, direct orders without VAT ID cannot be processed.

Invoices can be paid by direct bank transfer (ACH) or international wire transfer only. We do not accept checks or credit cards for PO payment at this time.

As soon as we have processed your payment, we'll send you your commerical key and detailed information.

Sales tax is applicable for customers in Nevada.

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At toolsfactory we are committed to providing you with the best possible products. We will provide you with bug fixing and minor feature improvement releases (updates) for your licensed copy of Doc-O-Matic free of charge. For major new releases licensed users will have the opportunity to purchase licenses at discounted rates.

  • For pricing on high volume licenses please contact spam protected email address, click to send email.
  • All editions are download products.
  • VAT is charged for customers in the EU unless a VAT ID is provided when ordering.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.

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