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Settings Class

Namespace: XmlNotepad

Settings is a container for persistent settings that you want to store in a file like XmlNotepad.settings.

Visual Basic
class Settings : public IDisposable;
System.IDisposable XmlNotepad.Settings
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Each setting has a name and some typed value. The deserialization process returns strings by default. If you want a typed value returned then you need to initialize the settings class with a default typed value so it can figure out what type to return. The type information is not stored in the settings file. Any type that has a corresponding TypeConverter is supported as well as Hashtable, Array and any IXmlSerializable object. This class also provides some useful features that most people expect to get out of their settings files, namely:

  • Watching changes on disk and automatically reloading the file, then generating an event so that the hosting application can react to those changes.
  • Transform any Uri setting to a persistent file name using the PersistentFileNames class.
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